Halalopathic GmbH, Zürichstrasse 70, Dübendorf, 8600 Zürich, Switzerland

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Provide halal-tayyib-vegan services for pharma, healthcare, beauty, food


  • We are located in Switzerland, specified in Research and Certification, particularly for Pharmaceutical, Flavour , Cosmetic, Intermediates and End-products
  • We are looking for partners to collaborate and solve common issues related to HALAL or VEGAN production.
  • We have long experience in drug design, drug discovery and drug quality control from various Swiss pharmaceuticals and Universities. 
  • We have studied concepts like Alcohol, Tayyib and Khabeeth in the context of safety, and Innovated HALALOPATHY as a concept for healthy life.  (PAPLICATIONS). 
  • We have unique experience in handling projects and managing markets and bridging cultures.
  • We have designed plans and initiated projects for bridging Switzerland with developing countries. 

Halal-Tayyib-Pharma-cosmetic-flavour certification


  • We target Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, and cosmetic industries.
  • We target market of 2 billion population with potential to grow in the field of  Halal and vegan medicine, beauty and food. 
  • We target patient and  healthy individuals with personalized lifestyle and specific nutrition plan. 
  • We target research centres and support issues for halal certification


  • Halal Certification in Switzerland and worldwide.
  • Inspection and  consultation according to  Halal & Tayyib standard for goods exports to all over the world
  • Support clients that want to meet best practice standards and minimise risk of biological, chemical and physical contaminations.
  • Initiatives to expand business, explore new avenues and improve performance
  • Rational evaluation and publication for halal certification


  • We assure producer and customers, certified product is done under maximum hygiene, minimum contamination and whole process is clean, pure and comply with Sharia "Halala Tayyiba"
  • Quality is a critical factor for success, high quality is our culture.
  • Team  with knowledge and engagement skills will drive project toward success.
  • Innovative solution for halal certification


Halal certification

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