How to improve marketing?

Certification: Halal Tayyib Safety


  • Certification is a useful tool to add credibility, by demonstrating that your product or process meets the expectations of your customers. 
  • Halal Certificate is the ticket toward  markets with high potential and influential.
  • Halalopathic certificate is science driven to minimize the risk and maximize the quality.
  • Halalopathic certificate will add value and promote your brand
  • We are affiliated body with Halal Certification Services in Switzerland

Consultation: Guidness and Enlightness


  • If you seek an advice, meet our expert.
  • Management of Halal products
  • Improve your market and promote your brands in the developing countries.
  • Establish specifications and standardizations for chemicals and biomaterials.
  • Certify and promote your Halal-Tayyib Certificate via Halalopathic

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