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 Halalopathy or permissible therapy is a method of treating disease by the permissible drugs, whilst permissibility represents a compatible relation between therapeutic drug and human beliefs. Halalopathy is characterized by order and work synergistically with the prescribed medication, which can be implemented to various beliefs and lifestyles with the intention to create a favourable circumstance by means of trust, confidence, and entropy. 

Halalopaty: a science of trust in medicine


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Halalopathic is a useful concept for more effective treatment

  • Compatibility concept is based on finding a connection between human’s belief and therapeutic drug where certain genes will be turned off epigenetically. 
  • Halalopathic medicine constitute a new therapeutic concept where human, moral and spiritual values are utilized along with therapeutic agent to offer right treatment for the right patient. 
  • Medicine labeled with Halala Tayyiba will be selected eagerly by patients particularly living in the Muslim countries. 
  • The word “Halala Tayyiba” will convey to patient that the drug has been prepared under maximum hygiene, minimum contamination and whole process is clean, pure and comply with Islamic principles. 
  • This knowledge will create comfortable feeling and facilitate the development of the favorable circumstances, activate placebo effect and achieve more effective treatment. 
  • New standard need to be established to ensure that every step-in drug production is re-evaluated and optimized to produce drugs compatible with patient’s belief and pave the way toward more personalized therapy.

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Halalopathic: A new Concept in Medicine

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