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Provide halal-tayyib-vegan services for pharma, healthcare, beauty, food

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  • The Halal and Vegan markets are emerging as one of the most profitable and influential market arenas in the global business today. Markets have grown strongly over the past decade with expected increases, the future demand for Halal-Vegan product is strong and is creating a strong presence in developed and developing countries.


  • If your company would benefit from Halal-Vegan business, Halalopathic offer Halal-Vegan certification services to promote and qualify your product to comply with Halal-Vegan standards


  • Halalopathic is eager to put their skills to work for the benefit of your company with a talent for troubleshooting complex Halal-Vegan problems, recognizing area for improvement and creating a rational solutions. We are certain that you would find our certifying and consulting services a valuable and profitable investment.

Halalopathic in brief


Swiss Halal-Vegan Certification

Halalopathic GmbH is a Swiss company based in Dübendorf with main objective is to provide proper support and promote both product and market diversification, particularly in the Muslim world.

Halalopathic Main Services

 Our main service is certification for HALAL and VEGAN, both certifications are well connected, Vigan products have the potential to be compatible for Halal certification and vice versa. Halal and/or Vegan certificates create trust and add value to your product, consequently, it will enlarge your market and make your product accessible all over the word.

Halal market is booming, and Halal certification is a prerequisite to allow products distributed in the Arab and Muslim world; Halal Pharmaceutical is a growing trend, in 2016, the sector was valued at USD 83 billion, it is expected to grow eight percent year-on-year to reach USD 132 billion by 2022.

Path Toward Certification

 In order to cope with the increasing interest in halal pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, Halalopathic GmbH has developed a fast and simple system to evaluate the production process and the ingredients to speed up auditing and certification. 

Halalopathic Strength and Uniqueness

 Halalopathic is mainly driven by science, thus Halalopathic has studied the relationship between medicine and lifestyle, conclusion is that a domino chain effect will be initiated; trust will be developed, and the placebo effect will be activated. Consequently, an organized system between mind and drug is established, faith in the treatment is intensified, entropy is lowered, potential energy is increased, and self-assurance is enriched. These are the most favorable circumstances needed to activate the healing process and achieve more effective treatment . 

Trust & Value

 Creating trust and adding value are a prerequisite for successful global marketing. With pleasure, we will contribute to the globalization of your products and company. 


halal certification in switzerland is a growing trend

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